Siem Reap Roads; Budget and Weather Blamed

Siem Reap: The new director of the Department of Public Works and Transport Province suggests that slow pace of road repairs in the city is caused by two factors; the budget and the rainy season.

Following a press conference this morning,, there was much criticism on social media about the claims.

Kyi Varin, director of the Siem Reap Provincial Department of Public Works, confirmed that roads in Siem Reap were in under maintenance contract by the department, with some managed by subcontractors. But there is also the frustration of the budget and the unfavorable rainy season.

“Water is the enemy and the road. If we carry rocks in the rain it will not solidify, so need to wait until the rainy season ends.”

Asked why, after making the road, it was clear that companies were digging, draining, or laying down power lines and such, causing more damage to the road ..? He said it could be because of the budget.

The new director of the Public Works Department declined to comment on the question of why there were no measures against citizens as well as the owners of the hotels who cause damage, or why land is allowed to be higher than the road without drainage, causing water to flood the road.

Regarding questions and answers at a press conference related to road issues in Siem Reap, the new director has yet to provide specific answers. He said he was new in the position.

Rasmei Kampuchea

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