Singapore Medical Center Opening This Month

Phnom Penh: A Singaporean businessman has invested US $ 8 million to set up a Singapore Medical Center (SGMC). Equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment, Singapore Medical Center is located at The Bridge Mall, Floor 3A, Parliament Street, Sangkat Tonle Basac, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh and will open soon.

On the morning of September 5, 2019, Singapore Medical Center held the first official press conference. Dr. Anthony Tan, CEO of DrMap Cambodia at Singapore Medical Center, there are also Interview: “The purpose of today’s press conference is to show the doctors who have special expertise.

We would like to inform the public that Singapore Medical Center will be open in the near future. We will begin accepting clients and patients for our high-quality medical and healthcare services. ”

“We are really proud of the work we have done and the work we are planning to do,” Tan said. “The establishment of SGMC in Cambodia as well as our strong focus on medical care and well-being in all areas (means) Cambodians and expats living in Cambodia (don’t need to) travel abroad for medical and healthcare services.

From now on, they can get quality services like in Singapore in Phnom Penh We will provide a full range of medical and healthcare services, ranging from general medical services, medical examinations and diagnostic imaging services to health services, beauty, general surgery., laser therapy, negative ion beam and infrared (NIFI) laser surgery, volcanic sand bath therapy, IV fluid therapy and nutrition services.

Our main goal is to provide leading medical care in accordance with the standard of expertise and passion,” he said. “Singaporean and Cambodian specialists (will) bring the full range of Singaporean medical well-being services to Cambodia. “

Dr. Roy Koh Kiok Miang, a neurosurgeon and member of SGMC’s medical committee, oversees ethics and said “Providing services to our clients will help them achieve well-being,” he said

“But all of our team at SGMC have also considered providing our (best) services to our customers. As a medical center, we ensure that all protocols and procedures are ethically compliant and compliant with medical procedures and safety standards.

Moreover, before any new procedure is allowed to be implemented, SGMC conducts a very detailed inspection to ensure all standards are strictly adhered to. ”

In addition to Dr. Koh, the medical committee comprises of Dr. Mark L. Gordon, a specialist in endocrine diseases (Interventional Endocrinology Specialist) and head of the group’s medical unit.

He added, “We are a medical center with knowledge and experience regarding safety and wellness standards through DrMap, the source. First of all, our medical committee conducts a final review and approval to ensure that national and international standards are followed, respected and are very accurate. “

At the press conference, Dr. Setheka Yin also shared knowledge of cervical cancer, while Dr Jason Phan and Dr. Alison Gordon from the United States gave an explanation of intravenous fluid therapy (hydration therapy IV) as well as the benefits of this therapy for long-term health and well-being .

The conference closed with a tour of the medical center, which introduced participants to modern medical equipment.

From September 23, 2019 SGMC will be open Public for general medical services, medical examinations and general health care services.

Additional medical well-being services will be introduced in stages to ensure that the care of the patients results in a favorable and satisfactory outcome. From November 18, SGMC’s full range of wellness and treatment services will be available to the entire community in Cambodia.

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