Chinese Media Reports Exodus From SHK

*Taken from a popular WeChat blog for Chinese expats in Cambodia.

Since the recent Sino-Cambodian cooperation against illegal online gambling, a series of big moves have been taken; such as a tightening, of Cambodia’s underground spinach (Chinese slang for online gambling).

This follows the announcement b on August 18, 2019, to no longer approve and stop issuing various “Internet Online” business licenses. On the 30th August, the PM issued a further statement: All illegal online gambling activities must be stopped within 2019.

Under such a strong rectification, Xigang (Sihanoukville), and even Bobei (Poipet), have begun to see quieter times.

Yesterday, some netizens broke the news on the Cambodian single-network app. They went to the (SHK) airport to pick up friends, but he encountered a wave of congestion, and the the departures lounge was crowded with (Chinese) people.

Some netizens said that such a large number of people returning to China, whether it is SHK Airport or Phnom Penh Airport, have made long queues, with many forced to have to pay a extra to catch a flight.

Because the number of returning to the country is too large, even the price of the ticket has risen, and the booking is difficult, and there are not many flights that can be selected.

Not only the airport, but also the parking lot is full of vehicles, and there are still a large number of large passengers coming to the airport.

Another netizen posted that he came to Xigang for a month, but there were fewer and fewer people, and he felt that he was not far from returning home.

He also shared that it was less than half a month ago when the traffic in was terrible. Yesterday he went to the big market to buy food and chatted with the Chinese boss. The boss said that was going broke as less customers were buyingm, and his rent was more than nine thousand dollars. Also, his friend who was paid a deposit of more than 20,000 US dollars on a villa, which he lost.

He also said that more than 500 young people in the net-stay dormitory next door to his shop have moved away overnight. The situation is a bit puzzling.

The prices of Westport has also shown a downward trend. A used motorcycle has changed from the original 900 US dollars to 600 US dollars, and it is not necessarily sold.

Many Chinese bosses who open restaurants complain that the business is getting worse and worse, the rent is still so high, and it is not as good as it was. It is better to run to Phnom Penh.

However, many people also said that these phenomena are only temporary, and the government will regulate and let more people come to invest and develop Westport into a positive direction. Westport will also be the Westport that was sought after by everyone…

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