Strange Case of Woman Arriving From China

Phnom Penh: A woman was found coming off a flight from China in an unusual situation.The airport staff questioned her and were told she had been abused after being tricked by a broker who sent her to China.

She was seen leaving the plane at 1 pm on August 28, 2019, at Phnom Penh International Airport, and staff reported her to police.

Authorities said the woman did not have a passport or national ID, but only letters written in Chinese and English. She knew her name was Thon Sophon, aged 32, but does not know her commune, district or province.

Also, when questioned, she did not remember the place where she was living, but said that she had cheated on a broker for sale in China five months ago and was very abusive. Police are conducting a search to find the family to take her back home, but have yet to find any. POSTNEWS

UPDATE: She had no passport, but an exit travel document

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