Meeting On Kampot Sea Festival Strategy

Phnom Penh: During the meeting on August 26 in preparation for the 8th Round of Sea Festival in Kampot, Tourism Minister HE Dr. Thong Khon has instructed the task force to set up a new tourism destination and invest in a 500 hectare island off the coast.

He appreciated the tourism potential of the island because of its close proximity to Vietnam.

In a meeting to prepare the tourism event smoothly, the government decided to set up an inter-ministerial committee to prepare for the Sea Festival. Among them are HE Dr. Thong Khon, the President of the Council of Ministers, and the Vice-President and Member of the Association.

At the same time, the Ministry of Tourism has introduced a number of recommendations to each sub-committee, including:

* In order to identify Kampot as a model province in the preparation of the Food Sreet, HE Dr. Thong Khon instructed the team to speed up the preparation of Food Street in time for the upcoming Sea Festival by establishing infrastructure in the Food Street area. The city has to be orderly, beautify the streets and houses, especially the residential areas of the French era, near the street.

* While the construction of the Kampot tourist port is under way, the Minister urged the construction of a new road to the new port in order to serve tourists.

* For the plan to create a new Kampot beach, HE Dr. Thong Khon recommends taking a lot of sand to set up services, latrines and safety upgrades, especially for sustainability.

* It is necessary to improve the quality of water transport services such as the construction of a boat port on the Kampot canal. The waterway police force have to strengthen the work.

* His Excellency has recommended to restaurant owners that the restaurant must be listed and its service schedule to continue to improve hygiene. There is a “no-trash-under-the-table” restaurant campaign to stop littering.

* Increasing the training of tourist guides and strengthening their capacity to respond to the increasing number of tourists who are visiting Kampot.

* Tourist resorts in Kampot Province need to improve services, proper waste management, and parking.

* Increasing the road to some of the key resorts in the province, such as Phnom Kampong Trath, Phnom Chhouk, Pepper Vineyard, and more.

* Be sure to have plenty of entertainment on the Bokor Mountain, because Bokor is an attractive tourist destination.

* To develop a new tourist destination on the island of more than 500 hectares. Kampot. He appreciated the tourism potential of the island because of its close proximity to the sea with Vietnam.

* Be careful in order to protect the security of order and avoid traffic jams, and to be careful in order to protect the security of the public, especially when traveling to Bokor Mountain.

Minister Thong Khon said that all investments in tourism sites must have clear blueprints, which cannot be done without the supervision of provincial or state authorities. Swift News

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