Foreigner Gets $50 Back After Massage Dip

Phnom Penh: A foreigner went into a massage along 13 Street in Daun Penh, and later said he had been relieved of $ 50 at 9 pm on August 25, 2019.

A neighbor who questioned the foreigner said that he went to the massage parlor alone, and was suddenly missing $ 50. He immediately went back to the massage parlor, but they denied everything, so he grabbed something (*a cellphone).

The source said that nearby people saw this incident, and contacted the Acting Director of the Old Market neighborhood, who came down the scene, bringing both sides in for questioning.

Several journalists also arrived, making it difficult to confirm or deny the issue.

After questioning, the owner of the massage shop said that because the foreigner lost money in his shop, he was willing to pay the money back to end the case. CAMPOST

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