Drug Smuggler Throws Grenade At Cops

Banteay Meanchey: August 24, 2017 – Two suspects were arrested, and one hurled a grenade at police as he was trying to escape arrest on the Thai-Cambodian border. The incident occurred in Kouk Romiet Commune, Thmor Puok District, Banteay Meanchey Province.

At 2 pm on August 24, 2019, patrolling police spotted a suspect, 56-year-old Pao Kham from Kok Pring village, Kouk Romiet commune and found 20 red WY tablets, four grams of meth and a homemade pistol.

After the arrest and interrogation, the force continued to search for the bigger dealer named Swat Chaya (Ya), from Sdao village, Kouk Romiet commune, Thmor Puok district. Chaya resisted arrest and tried to flee, throwing the hand grenade at police, which did not explode.

He was caught and cuffed at 4 pm on August 24, 2019 and 384 WY pills and 12 grams of meth were seized, along with a samurai sword.

The two suspects are now facing legal action. AREY NEWS

One thought on “Drug Smuggler Throws Grenade At Cops

  • August 25, 2019 at 6:12 pm

    Why arrest the man when he threw a grenade? To me that means life and death and no prisoner when getting him. He threw a grenade and by the grace of god it did not kill the law enforcement officers. Dear government officers tell your men that followed the culprit to protect themselves once and fore all. What if he had another grenade? IN SUCH CASES NO PRISONERS please !


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