CPU Launch Child Murder Investigation

Joint Task Force established to investigate murder of 11 yr old in Sihanoukville

Joint Task Force “Lima19” has been established with Sihanoukville Police Command to investigate the murder of an 11yr old child in Prey Nob District, Sihanoukville.

On the 17th of August 2019, Oeun Srey Nuch an 11 yr old female (*previously reported as being 13/14) was seen near her home in Prey Nup 1 Village, Prey Nup Commune , Prey Nup District , Sihanoukville Province at about 5.30pm,

She had been to a local water park with friends. Her mother reported her missing the next day as she had not returned home. Searches of the local area failed to find and trace of her.

On the 22nd of August 2019 at 3:55 pm, a local resident of Prey Nub District observed a body of what he believed to be a female lying face down in a shallow canal. The body was removed and taken for forensic examination. CPU forensic experts and investigates arrived at the scene on the 23rd of August and conducted an autopsy in conjunction with Sikanoukville Crime Command and forensic specialists. As a result of the examination the body was confirmed to be that of missing Oeun Srey Nuch and her death was ruled as a homicide.

CPU in conjunction with Sihanoukville Police Command have launched Task Force Lima19 to investigate the homicide of this child.

Be assured no stone will be left unturned until we have found you justice. RIP little one.

Anyone with information or who may have seen Oeun Srey Nouch can contact Sihanoukville Police Command or the CPU on 077247247

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