China Praises Online Gambling Curbs

China’s government is praising efforts by Cambodia and the Philippines to minimize the effect their domestic online gambling operations have on Chinese citizens.

On Tuesday, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Geng Shuang’s regular press conference featured several questions regarding Cambodia’s recent announcement that it would end its online gambling licensing program as well as the Philippines announcing a pause in issuing new online gambling licenses.

Geng (pictured) said China “highly appreciates Cambodia’s decision to ban online gambling,” based on the Ministry’s belief that it “will help protect both Cambodian and Chinese people’s interests” and well as strengthen the two countries’ “law enforcement cooperation and friendly relations.”

Geng also offered insights into China’s view that online gambling is “a most dangerous tumor in modern society detested by people all across the world.” Geng added that it was a “shared hope” among nations that the online gambling problem “could be effectively dealt with.”

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