Fines For No Helmets From 20th

Phnom Penh: From August 20, 2019, motorcyclists who do not wear helmets will be fined 15,000 riel, in addition to being required to find a helmet to allow them to travel onward, according to a senior police officer of the National Police headquarters on August 18, 2019.
The announcement of the fine came after traffic police launched a full-month nationwide helmet campaign, which included education on helmet use.

The operation aims to reduce traffic accidents for riders. Motorcycles make up 75% of the total victims.
Over the past month, the National Police Commissar has conducted 107,412 motorcycle helmet stops across the country.

The National Police Commissariat will continue to lead the enforcement of the Road Traffic Act and call on motorists and road users to adhere to the Road Traffic Law and drive with respect to safety in traffic.


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