UPDATE: Young Woman Jumps From Aeon II

Phnom Penh: On August 17, 2019 A woman jumped to her death from AEON 2 Sen Sok shopping complex in Sen Sok district, Khan Sen Sok, for an unknown reason.

The incident occurred at the rear of the mall’s entrance at around 1 pm.

Authorities are at the scene. Updates to follow.

UPDATE (14.32):
The woman who committed suicide was identified as Sok Eeng, 32, from Sen Sok District, according to local reports.

Before the incident, the woman went up to the fifth floor of the Aeon Mall building and jumped. According to the family, she had been diagnosed with depression for more than a year Before jumping, the woman sent a message to her husband saying, “Goodbye!” Then jumped to suicide.

WARNING: Images of scene in SOURCE

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