UPDATE: Foreigners Injured In Siem Reap Gas Explosion

Siem Reap: Authorities said there was a fire at a LPG gas depot in
in Siem Reap town.

UPDATE (16.34): Huot Mony Pisak, an officer in Siem Reap police, suffered serious injuries after assisting with controlling the fire. He is currently undergoing emergency treatment in Siem Reap Referral Hospital.

UPDATE: Two foreigners were injured in a gas accident in a shop in Siem Reap province. They were reportedly knocked off a motorcycle when a gas LPG tank exploded at 1:15 pm on 14 August, in Sla Kram commune, old City.

Videos show a large explosion which knocked several motorcyclists down and engulfing some in a fireball.

Firefighters have intervened and more details will be released later.

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