Drunk Driver Wrecks Range Rover On Crane

PHNOM PENH: An intoxicated man driving a luxury Range Rover at high speed plowed into the back of a crane truck working on the street on the night of August 13, 2019, in front of Toul Kork Primary School along Street 289.

According to the source, before the incident, a man was drunk, driving a car, Phnom Penh 2AE-9998 with a woman passenger. Driving at high speed down 289 in a north-to-south, the car hit the crane, which was parked doing work on the street.

Local authorities came to the scene and an ambulance came down to rescue the woman who was seriously injured.

Both vehicles are being kept at the traffic police office of the Phnom Penh Municipal Police to wait for a settlement. Post News

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