UPDATE: Woman Shot In Sen Sok Restaurant

Phnom Penh: According to preliminary information, just before midnight on August 2019, a man who fired a handgun at a group of women in a restaurant near the Sen Sok railway.

UPDATE: The shooter has been named as the victim’s jealous husband, Chom Chamnan, 39, a military officer in Zone 5, who used a K59 pistol to shoot his wife, Chea Kimlang, 29, who suffered serious injuries.

The gunman fired seven shots, five at the victim’s waist, one in her right hand and a bullet to her left breast.

He is now in custody and the victim is being treated in Calmette hospital.

Updates to follow. Post News

UPDATE: The victim is now reported as being the wife of the shooter, who was detained after he tried to flee the scene in a Highlander.

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