Voodoo Magic! Cave Man ‘Made Spirits Angry’

Battambang: A man, who was collecting bat guano in Sampov district, fell into a crevice for four days, but did not die and was rescued on August 8, 2019.

However, a local mystic woman claims that the man had fallen into a cave as punishment from an angry caveman spirit. The victim had allegedly removed ancient bones and bracelets from the cave when inside the caverns.

Suspecting that the spirits may be angry, the shaman asked the trapped man’s relatives if they had anything that he had previously brought back from previous forays inside the mountain. The relatives dutifully handed over 10 rings and a small pile of bones.

On receiving the items, the woman then performed a ceremony asking for forgiveness from the restless spirits of the cave, as rescuers worked around her. Finally, after the voodoo, and the intervention of the 711 rescue squad choppered in from Phnom Penh, the trapped man was freed and sent to hospital in Battambang. KBN

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