Flooding In Mondulkiri

Mondulkiri: 4 days of rain in Mondulkiri have caused floods in three districts; Koh Nhek District, Keo Seima district and the Cambodia-Vietnam border area in Pereira district.

Lt. Gen. Lor Sokha, the police chief of Mondulkiri province, said that on the morning of August 8, more than 40 border guards in Koh Nhek and Praya had been evacuated from their posts on the Vietnam border as the Srepok River began to flood.

Yu Chan Ty, the head of Koh Nhek district council, said that as of August 8, four villages in Nakhon Nil commune, Koh Nhek district, have been affected by floods since the previous evening, and  two schools have been closed.

 A road bridge has also been partially blocked by water. 

In Keo Seima district, some areas are inundated and the 60 metre long iron bridge is facing problems since heavy rain began on August 6.

The flood level on the bridge was more than half a meter high but did not cause damage to the bridge, said Yun Sarom, director of the Mondulkiri Rural Development Department. The head of the department said that the flood had flooded the streets, towns, communes, houses and crops of people farm near the river. Post News

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