Methed Up Maniac Disarmed In Phnom Penh

PHNOM PENH:A young man on drugs and armed with an ax and a knife threatened local citizens at 6.30 am on 01 August 2019 in the village Treng 1, Sangkat Chom Chao I, Por Senchey District, and was arrested at the corner of Damnak 3 village, Steung Meanchey 3 commune, Meanchey district.

The young man, Seng San Mao, 23 years old from Takeo province, had been in the city for two days and was asking for money.

According to the people, he began threatening and attacking people until police used fire extinguishers to subdue him.

Later, a man named Chat Phara, 57, a construction worker who was the father arrived and said that the young man was his sixth child.

The father said his son had been using drugs for several months

The boy’s father, in tears, asked authorities to help his family detain his son to surrender to the Phnom Penh Municipal Office. The young man is now being handed over to the social security department for his own safety and that of others.

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