Train Hits Truck In Kep

KEP: On 30 July 2019, at 2.50 pm there was a traffic accident between the car and the train.

The white Nissan KPS-0674 (right steering wheel) was driving north-south, the coal train was traveling to Kampong Trach District, Kampot Province. After hitting the truck the train did not stop.

The unidentified truck driver is said to be seriously injured.

There was another serious accident on the line in Kampot at 5.30, seriously injuring a Kampot Police Traffic Inspector. SWIFT

One thought on “Train Hits Truck In Kep

  • July 31, 2019 at 4:39 pm

    Perhaps should tell the reporter that stopping a train isn’t quite like slamming on the brakes on a Honda Dream. It is in the picture provided, further down the track.


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