UPDATE: Russian Begpacking Family Busted in Battambang

Update: According to a source, the still as yet unidentified foreigners were hauled into a Battambang office, where it was decided they had not lost their belongings and were educated about Cambodian customs. It is said that they will travel across the border into Thailand.

Update: Confirmed as Russians, very much with passports, who have ‘made a lifestyle choice’

Below is a video of the same family shortly before they were arrested in Malaysia.


Phnom Penh: Cambodian Facebook users have been spreading the word about a foreign family, who it is lost their belongings last week.

It is claimed that they have no money to buy milk for their baby, so they decided to sing in the street to ask for money.

However, other Facebook users have claimed this nothing more than a ‘begpacker’ scam and the family are doing nothing more than cheating honest folk by making them feel pity.

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