6 European Parliamentarians Reportedly On Blacklist

Phnom Penh: Local news reports that six European Parliamentarians – British, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Dutch, Swedish, and Spanish have been put on a visa refual list in Cambodia. The names and photographs of the six members of the European Parliament were forwarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The six European politicians are named in the report as:
1. Phil Bennion- British
2- Ana Gomes -Portuguese
3- Ithan Kyuchyuk – Bulgarian
4. Johannes Cornelis van Baalen – Dutch
5- Mrs. Abir al-Sahlani – Swedish
6- Javier Nart – Spain

Security and safety restrictions when granting visas to Cambodia are cited in the announcement, supposedly sent to overseas Cambodian embassies and consulates. “The Foreign Ministry requests all foreign Cambodian representatives to thoroughly review the purpose of foreigners applying for a visa. Cambodia to ensure security and safety as well as national defense. Refusal to grant visas to foreigners who intend to support or protect those who are convicted or are currently in custody by the Cambodian Judgment.”

SOURCE: https://www.swiftnewsdaily.com/articles/369048

*A CNE reader also confirms that the notice on the right is on show in the immigration booth at PPIA.

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