US Man John Reidy Arrested On Child Sex Charges In SR

Siem Reap: A statement on Saturday from Action Pour Les Enfants said a 56-year-old American from Massachusetts has been charged with purchasing child prostitution, child pornography and rape under the Law on Suppression of Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation, according to a report in the Khmer Times.

Brigadier General Duong Thavary, deputy chief of provincial police said on Monday, the accused was named John Patrick Reidy and had been arrested by police at his rented home in Svay Dangkum commune on Wednesday, following a formal complaint from a parent.

“The suspect acknowledged that he had sex with the victim, but he said the victim told him he was 18, not 16. They had sexual encounters multiple times since the beginning of this year. We arrested him based on the victim’s family complaint.”

According to APLE, they reported the matter to police.

“Police commenced the investigation immediately after APLE reported the possible crime,” a spokesperson said. “APLE received preliminary information from an NGO representative who obtained the concern from a community member.”

According to police, the suspect was living in a sexual relationship with a Cambodian male adult.

“With approval from the court, police conducted a premise search and found a number of possibly incriminating items, including phones, vibrators, Viagra tablets and Vaseline. Police confiscated these items as evidence.” APLE continued.

“During the initial search of the two mobile phones, investigators found naked photographs of boys, including photographs of the child who disclosed the sexual abuse. The police will continue the investigation with assistance from experts to collect further evidence from the mobile phones.”

“APLE will provide legal aid services to the boy and his family if they request so during their participation in the legal justice seeking process,” the spokesperson said.

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