Surprise Stowaway Found On Tuk Tuk

Phnom Penh: According to a preliminary report, a tuk-tuk driver panicked, after he found a small boy had quietly gotten in for a free ride on July 21, 2019, along Street 271 opposite the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital.

According to the driver who did not want to be named, he pulled over to count his fares. Turning to the back, he suddenly spotted the small boy sitting there, causing him panic, in case people thought he had kidnapped the child.

Luckily the boy’s father was found after around 30 minutes, who said the 2 year old boy was a fan of tuk tuks and must have climbed in when it was stopped outside their house in Sangkat Boeung Pring 1. When he couldn’t see his son, he panicked and drove around on his motorbike to try and find him.

In the end the tuk tuk driver was thanked for his actions.

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