Ingólfur Steinar Ingólfsson; Icelandic With Previous

An Icelander in his forties, Ingólfur Steinar Ingólfsson, has been arrested in Cambodia according to Kambódískir fjölmiðlar (CNE). Cambodian media published a picture of Ingólfur along with a police officer. According to the news, he lost his passport there in May, but despite receiving assistance from the Icelandic Embassy, ​​he did not request a visa and was therefore illegal in the country.

In addition, he may have collected debts at his hotel. It is stated that he will be expelled soon. DV made an attempt to talk to Ingólfur without success.

Ingólfur has repeatedly been in trouble with the law in Iceland. By the end of 2017, he was sentenced to nine months’ imprisonment in for beingdrunk while driving, with amphetamine, metamphetamine and cannabis found in his blood. In that court it is stated that he has repeatedly been convicted of various violations, mostly related to drugs. In 2012, he also hit a taxi driver.

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