Stop The Bus- Belligerent Chinese Driver Refuses To Move

Phnom Penh: A VW driven by a Chinese man had a very minor accident with a municipal bus in Por Sen Chey district at 11.35 am on 19 July 2019.

According to local sources, before the incident, the Phnom Penh Capital Hall Public bus was dropping off passengers at a regulation stop. At the same time, the VW 2V-8266, driven from the west by the Chinese man had a very, very minor collision.

According to a Chinese woman, the Chinese man demanded that the municipality pay for the damage (scratches to the paintwork by the sound of it, photos aren’t clear), arguing that he would not have hit the vehicle if the the bus did not stop.

In Chinese language, however, he was told that buses have the right to stop at bus stops, but he wouldn’t listen. It took local police about a hour to persuade him to move on and let the bus move on, as the scene was causing traffic jams. Finally the Chinese were willing to pay to finish the matter.

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