‘People’s Courts’ Conference on Mob Justice

Phnom Penh: A Ministry of Justice spokesman said that the People’s Court leads to serious problems for Cambodian society if left uncontrolled.

He was speaking at the official launching ceremony, “People’s Court” report, on the prevention and response to “prosecution by the masses” on July 18, 2019, at Sun Palace Hotel.

The case of a teacher who was beaten almost to death after a traffic accident in 2018 was raised as an example.

He added that the police conducted an active investigation to find the attackers, who went to trial in October 2018. 7 people were convicted of aggravated violence. He noted that since the event, there have been no similar incidents or killings.

“Because the perpetrators have been convicted and have been exposed to the public,” he said.

“This issue has serious implications if we do not solve it. The events of murder (and violence) will become a habit in our society. It means those who have traditionally run away before settling (after an accident) otherwise they can be killed.” He added that to deal with violence in public places or on the streets, only strict enforcement of the law make citizens easily understand that committing any crime is still a crime.

“Since this issue is systematic so we need to disseminate information to the people, strengthening the capacity of law enforcement to punish officials. Whoever has broken the law…must be punished”

Brigadier General NOR Borath, deputy chief of the National Police, said that the crime in Cambodia had decreased in 2018. And for the first half of 2019, there is also a decrease.

On that occasion, the ADHOC spokeswoman asked authorities to take strict action against the perpetrators of violence. https://kohsantepheapdaily.com.kh/article/889428.html

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