Perp In Chroy Changvar Shooting Was Police

Phnom Penh:  Two suspects were picked up by the Royal Gendarmerie of Chroy Changvar after a man was injured and shots fired on 17 July 2019.

The first suspect, Khai Sak, is a 27-year-old K52 gun owner and a police officer. The second, Kong Lal, is a 22-year-old male. A K54 pistol was also seized as evidence.

Police sources said that the two suspects, along with two other accomplices were drinking at the location until 2am on July 17, 2019.

Following an argument a knife was used on the victim, and the police suspect took his K54, fired three shots and escaped.

At around 8 am, the men were arrested. It is not known which unit he is and what his role is.

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