Imprisoned Oknha Remains In Russian Hospital

Phnom Penh: Oknha Kith Thieng, owner of ROCK , and sent to prison on charges of facilitating the use of drugs, has been hospitalized for nearly four months and has yet to return to PJ Prison.

Officials said this was because the Khmer-Soviet (Russian) hospital did not issue a medical certificate and permission letter to bring the accused back to prison.

Nuth Savann, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior’s Prison General Department, said that Oknha Kith Thieng remained in hospital due to breathing problems, and although his condition had improved, he did not know why the hospital refused to issue a certificate and permit.

Previously, a hospital staff member revealed that the illness had improved for a long time without the need for medication, but he thought he did not want to go back.

The Oknha is in a special room with air conditioner, refrigerator, gym, cooking machine, fruit, television, and internet access. Nobody is allowed to enter besides his wife and family.


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