Sihanoukille Blues; Chinese Song About The Struggle

Sihanoukville:  Cambodia’s Sihanoukville province has recently been attracting foreign investment, particularly from Chinese investors, who have spent heavily in the coastal province, the seas and beaches.

With the influx of Chinese investors and Chinese people who come to work in Sihanoukville, a group of Chinese have written and produced a new song titled, “If there is no dream, why come to Kampong Som ” Which is a song about life, struggling to work in Sihanoukville for the Chinese migrants.

The content of this song explains why they want to fulfill their dreams, so they are willing to move from their homeland to come to Cambodia, no matter how exhausted they are, they are willing to suffer.

Below is a translation of the Chinese song:

* To this place, there is a huge dream of “casinos of life” (meaning the opportunity to achieve life goals)

* Everyone wants to take the opportunity to create their own splendor, but there are successors who have lost their own way.

* The seawater bloody against my strong face, though difficult or tired or insecure, must also be on my own.

* Every time you look at the eyes, parents who look forward to the path will try to keep the tears dry and keep moving forward.

* There is no dream Why so many are willing to give up their courage

* There is no dream of why Kasomom believes in themselves as having great power

* There is no dream why Kampong Som struggles to achieve success

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