Mother Resorts to Kidnap to Prevent Marriage

Oddar Meanchey Province: A girl who had just been engaged to her fiancé for a day was kidnapped and confined by her mother in an attempt to break up the couple. *Edit, it is reported the victim is already 3 months pregnant.

The incident occurred on July 11, in Tham Sam village, Ou’Svay commune, Trapeang Prasat district

The victim filed a complaint to district police for justice.

According to authorities, the girl, Sun Srey Nich, 19, was taken by her mother, Heang Mom. She told the police that the mother had been violent, and imprisoned her in the house of Mr. Batt Khan, the police chief of Bang Phlong (or Bak Anloueng, another commune), because she wanted to separate her from her fiancé and marry someone else in Phnom Penh.

Sun Srey Nich elaborated that on July 10, 2019, her mother had severely beaten her, then locked her up for seven hours from 3 pm to 10 pm until her release.

Sun Srey Nich confirmed that her mother wanted to break her from her fiancé, 20-year-old In Net.

Regarding this, Mr. In Cheat, Trapeang Prasat district police chief, said that he had intervened and even let the victim rest at his place of work for one night to protect her from mistreatment.

He said that he also invited the girl’s mother to discuss the matter,, but did not elaborate.

The other police chief denied that the woman had been locked up at his home, saying he was busy at his post.

However, the case has been confirmed by the Trapeang Prasat district police chief.

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