Grand Meth Auto: Kampong Speu

Kompong Speu: Three robbery suspects were arrested by police in Kampong Speu province on July 11, 2019, iPhnom Sruoch district.

The suspects Meas Dara, 26, Khorn Samnang, (says he is only 12) and Chhon Chey, 17, admitted to stealing a Nissan Micra from Hang Khang, 32 an to using drugs.

On 10th of July, 2019, the group leader saw a car parked, opened the door to find the keys in the ignition and drove to Aoral.

The car was then driven to Kilometer 94 (National Rd 4) to buy drugs but the dealer didn’t turn up. He then went to KM 104, bought some drugs and the three were later arrested.

After being detained, the police conducted a urine test and found that the suspects had used drugs.

After finishing the investigation, the police set up a case to send the three suspects to the provincial police commission for legal proceedings.

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