5 Chinese Fighters Arrested After Brawl

Phnom Penh: Two groups of Chinese drinkers began fighting at about 2 am on 11 July 2019, outside a Chinese restaurant in Bassac. Five were arrested, but have not been identified.

According to authorities, the Chinese men were two groups, each with five or six people, who were sat down drinking at the restaurant. harsh words were exchanged before glasses and plates started flying.

The local police force, along with the criminal force in Chamkarmon, went down to the scene and detained five men and attempted to take them to Bassac police station. However the men refused to go quietly and began to act aggressively in the street. The military police force of Chamkarmon then went down and hauled the men away to the Chamkarmon Inspectorate. https://kohsantepheapdaily.com.kh/article/884100.html

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