Koreans Caught With $2.2 Million Cash at SR Airport

Siem Reap:   Two South Koreans were detained on July 7, 2019, and more than $ 2 million dollars in cash was seized.

According to the police report, the South Koreans arrested yesterday were entering Cambodia on a flight from Hong Kong.

When arriving at the airport, the immigration police station cooperated with the Siem Reap International Airport’s Customs and Excise Department, and stopped the men

The two Koreas have been named as YOON WONGI and SONG HYUNHOO .

The men were carrying $ 2,200,000 US dollars; 21,900 $100 bills and
200 $ 50.

The men were taken to the Department of Investigation and Procedure and the money was temporarily stored at the Customs and Excise Office at Siem Reap International Airport. http://www.arey-news.com/archives/317626

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