Residents Complaints Over Illegal Coal Ash Factory

Sihanoukville: Residents of Otrau commune, Stung Hav district, claim that a company processing coal ash waste has begun activities after a brief interruption.

CIMM was first licensed as a brick manufacturer, but transports coal ash from the coal-fired power plant to be processed for the cement industry.

Sitha, one of the residents living near the coal processing company, said that the site was visited on June 17, 2019, by the former governor Yun Min, who saw how it affecting the health of the people living in the area.

The company was told to shut down and improve the facilities for three months, and if it continued to affect the health of the population, the company must move to a new location.

Ms. Sitha continued that after the former governor’s orders, the company complied, but a few days after his resignation, work began even more than before, especially at night, with both the smell of coal and dust falling over people’s homes.

People living near the plant complain about itching, boils and skin diseases,. Others claim they suffer hair loss, while the well water used by the general population in the village can not be used because of the contaminated water flowing from the factory.

Citizens request to Governor Kuch Chamroeun, the new of Sihanouk province, has just come to power, please come to check and take urgent action to save people’s health.

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