Dengue in Kampot Increases

Kampot : Physicians specializing in dengue confirmed in the 26th week of the year, the number of victims Dengue fever continues to grow steadily.

Teuk Chhou district has the highest rate – nearly 50% of the 560 patients.
Yin Hieng, head of malaria, dengue and dengue malaria program at the Kampot provincial health department, said that so far, the outbreak continues to grow steadily without diminishing. The 26th week of this year, dengue fever saw 89 new cases, 4 more than last week.

He said that according to the report of the Kampot Referral Hospital to date, there have been 566 patients admitted with dengue, of which, almost half were from Tek Chhou.

He also said that the experience of the dengue epidemic five years ago suggests the 30th week of the year might see a slowdown in new infections.

However, officials of the Department in collaboration with the relevant authorities have educated and explained to the public about the causes of dengue, symptoms, and methods of prevention and treatment.

Children with symptoms should be brought to the nearest health center or referral hospital and avoid being treated at a private clinic.

Rasmei Kampuchea

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