‘Work at Night’; Illegal Construction on Otres

Sihanoukville: Residents of Otres Village, Nº 5, Sangkat 4, Sihanoukville, were shocked to discover that the site one of the largest Chinese buildings has risen to 7 storeys high without permission.

Sihanoukville administration officials confirmed that the construction had not yet been approved, and the construction site had been closed by the administration team after the collapse of another building that killed 28 people and injured 26. To end of the ban, the provincial administration teamrequires the owner to ask for a proper law and then start construction.

A Chinese man who claimed to represent the construction site above, said the company applied for a permit nearly a year ago, but had not yet received.The Chinese presented to investigating journalists construction contracts and leases. The Chinese man then confirmed that they would get proper authorization within three days.

Residents living near the construction site said that construction sites were postponed by the provincial administration, and were not activate during the day, but start up at night. Each worker is not allowed to rest and if a worker is resting or refusing to work during the night, the Chinese construction company boss will not pay the previous month’s salary, and this has caused a lot of trouble.

Mao, a construction worker, said that construction workers refused to work at night. know they know that the building was built with no proper permits, and now the Chinese construction site bosses have been suspended. For workers who do not work at night, orders are to not pay the salary owed.

Mao continued that forcing the construction workers to work on the night was very dangerous because night was dark. The work is not done on the ground floor, it is in the 6th to the 7th floor, so it is very high up.

It is hoped the new governor will address this problem. http://kampucheathmey.com/2016/archives/1075802

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