UPDATE: “Chinese” Woman Murdered and Burned

Phnom Penh: An unknown female was killed and set alight at 9:15 pm at a 
corner of Loeung Ek, Ly Yong Phat, about 500 meters from the win-win street in Bakheng village on Bak Chant commune, Chroy Changvar district.

The victim, who is still unknown, is suspected of being raped and killed. 4 sections of metal piping were found at the scene. Clothing was also discovered close to the body.

Other sources, suspect the victim was killed elsewhere and transported to the location by car before being burned.

According to a witness, when the fire broke out, workers went to see what was burning and tried to put out the fire.

After that, local authorities contacted forensic experts to check the scene. The body was taken to the pagoda at Wat Steung Mean Chey, and will be closely examined today.

UPDATE: Kosantepheap now report that the victim is suspected of being Chinese. This is based on a small golden animal figurine found at the scene, which are popular charms in China.

They also report the victim was placed inside a suitcase after death.


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