Illegal Fisherman Wounded in Police Crackdown

Prey Veng: A crackdown on fishing offenses occurred on the night of June 28, 2019 on the Mekong River in Peam Chor district, Prey Veng province, which continued to Léuk Daek district, Kandal province.

The police force against the economic crime in Prey Veng cooperated with the commune administration station to crack down on illegal fishing and intercepted three fishing boats and t 6 people.

One of them, Nguyen Van Ouk, a 34-year-old Vietnamese resident of Kompong Cham province, was injured by a bullet in his right leg and was taken to Prey Veng Referral Hospital.

Five suspects were brought by Prey Veng police to the provincial commissioner for questioning and procedures for entrusting fishery processing procedures.

Regarding the incident, the provincial police chief, Aun Sinath, said that the shots were fired by a police officer following procedures, and the injured suspect will also be sent to the court.

Police reports say that illegal fisherman are often armed, so officers are taking no chances when making arrests.

The fishing boats saw the cops and tried to escape by ramming the bats. An officer fired shots and the injured man was reportedly hit by a ricocheting bullet.

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