Dead Dolphin on Koh Kong Beach

One of the rare dolphins was found dead by a dolphin in Koh Klaing Beach, Koh Kong province. Residents found the dead dolphin, weighing about 20 kilograms on the beach in Mondul Seima district at 9 am on June 27, 2019.

According to the people, the dolphin may have been trapped in fishing nets. They said that after seeing the body of the dolphin, they did not report to the police, but buried it, because they did not want the smell affecting tourists visiting the beach.

At the same time, people also asked the authorities and experts to take care of the dolphins, because they attract more tourists to enjoy the area.

Mr. Phalla, director of the Koh Kong provincial environment department, said by phone that the department as well as relevant authorities advise fishermen to release dolphins they catch.

He continued to advocate for the conservation of marine dolphins in the department and to increase public education to the people, especially fishermen, to be careful.

There are 3 species of marine dolphins in Cambodian waters, and are a rare sight in this area, but are known to come closer to land in bad weather.

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