Snake Catcher Killed by Cobra

Stung Treng: An elderly man found a giant cobra, and, claiming he had skills to catch snakes, grabbed it. However, he mistimed his movements and was bitten on the hands and face by the serpent.

The incident happened on June 25, 2019 in Siem Bok commune, Stung Treng.

The victim, Sok Sin, was a 66 year old farmer.

The victim’s family said that before the incident, the victim went out hunting and heard the king cobra hiss. When the victim approached, he saw the cobra raising to strike. The victim snatched the snake without fear because had caught many before.

Unfortunately the snake bite the victim’s head and hands and he hurried to his children at home, who took him to the local health center.

The doctor said the snake venom had already taken effect and he could not help. Then, the family carried the victim back home, and he died quickly.

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