Manager Arrested After 3 Chinese Miners Killed

Preah Vihear: Police arrested a Chinese mine manager called Wang Zhenyu, a 43-year-old, who operated a mine in which three people were killed.

On July 24, police in Rovieng district received information that the three Chinese people had died in a gold mine in Trapeang Thmim, Romlong commune, Rovieng district on June 23 between 2pm to 3pm.

The three Chinese nationals were identified as Wang Zhenran, 32-year-old Gao Dehua, 57 years and Zhang Jichun, 46 years old.

Authorities have prepared case files for the provincial court. The bodies of the three victims were sent to the Ministry of Interior for further investigation.

*The legal status of the mine is not yet known, although illegal mines operated by Chinese have been closed this year.

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