Clarkson, Hammond and May Film in Siem Reap

Jeremy Clarkson has reunited with Richard Hammond and James May as filming seemingly kicks off for The Grand Tour season four. After the trio announced their separate TV ventures, including Clarkson’s farming show, they’ve been pictured back together in the Cambodian city of Siem Reap.

Clarkson posted a picture of the presenters alongside producers walking along the street in the city, in scenes very reminiscent of The Beatles’ iconic Abbey Road album cover. They’re going the opposite way from ‘Pub Street’ though. Rookie mistake. Clarkson previously confirmed the fourth season will feature locations Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Jeremy has since posted shots of the trio riding around on bikes too, although its unclear whether it’s still in Cambodia (*sure looks like Siem Reap).

In the post, Jeremy wrote: ‘You’ve seen the tribute band. Now it’s time for the real thing.’ The new season will be entirely comprised of road trip specials, much like season three’s highlight in Mongolia, after deciding to drop the studio audience format from the show.

Outside The Grand Tour, Richard is set to feature in new Discovery series titled Richard Hammond’s Big – and yes, he’s fully aware of the irony. James May, meanwhile, is also branching off for a travel series around Japan.

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