Kampot Fool’s Gold

Kampot: At 10:11 am on June 22, 2019, the criminal police office of Kampot Provincial Police Department, along with the Kampot Military Police detained three Chinese suspects.
1 / Chung Hai Ming Chinese 53-year-old male
2 / Jin Hai Ming, 52-year-old male
3 / Wu Lei Tung Chinese 49-year-old male

The trio are accused of pulling a fake gold scam, selling dodgy bullion to the victim named Tang Men, 78, living in Kampong Bay North, Sangkat Kampong Bay, Kampot, Kampot, at the time of the above.

Evidence taken included
– 62 counterfeit gold items (3 gold Buddhas and 58 pieces)
– 3 mobile phones 


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