Collapsed Building Had No Permits and Was Closed Twice

After the tragic events in Sihanoukville a spokesman for the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction confirmed that the collapsed building in Sangkat No 4 had no construction permits.

The Ministry of Land Management said that the building was not legally allowed to be made and had had received two construction bans from the authority previously, but the owners did not cooperate.

The owner of the construction site, Jingxiang, is a Chinese company building on an area of ​​583 square meters. The building is a seven-storey concrete and steel structure with no construction permits.

However, a Ministry Spokeswoman said that with this, the authorities will inspect other construction sites and those without a permit will face legal action.

Police have detained four people in connection with the site management. Relevant authorities are investigating to confirm the exact cause of the collapse.

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