UPDATE: Rescue Underway After SHK Building Collapse

Sihanoukville:  A 7 storey building (*later reports are saying 8 and 9) collapsed in Sihanoukville’s Sangkat 4 commune at around 5am on 22nd June.

Some people are reported to still be trapped in the rubble, but the number of casualties are unknown as police are still on the scene.

Updates to follow. https://postnews.com.kh/local/453671

UPDATE: 7 now confirmed dead, 3 Chinese nationals arrested.

UPDATE: 3 confirmed dead, 10 injured. Search is still ongoing. The building is reported to be a Chinese development which was 80% completed.

UPDATE: Kohsantepheap are now reporting deaths and say many more workers who were sleeping in the under-construction building are still unaccounted for.

Heavy machinery arrived onsite around 8 am to assist in the rescue operation.

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