Protect Siem Pang Vultures

The Stung Treng Provincial Council encourages the authorities of Siem Pang to enhance collaboration with the Bird Preservation Group by providing additional food for vultures in their conservation area.

It is feared that the birds may stop reproducing this side of the border and instead stay in neighbouring forests in Laos.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of the Siem Pang Provincial Council of Stung Treng on June 19, HE Chheang Lak, Provincial Council Chairman said: “Siem Pang is rich in natural resources, both inland, in water and on the ground….. where endangered species are living…. relevant authorities have to jointly conserve the (area)”.

Other speakers raised the issue of conservation of various species including the vultures and giant ibis, and also called on authorities to prevent illegal poaching and habitat destruction in the forest.

Land encroachment by local farmers was also discussed as a major threat to local wildlife.

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