New Immigration Cards on Borders

Notice from the General Department of Immigration:

The will be modifications to the procedure for crossing the international gateway borders to make it easier for national and international tourists.

Phnom Penh: The Immigration Department of the Ministry of Interior on June 20, 2019 has stated that for the convenience and rapidity of travel through international border gates, the General Department of Immigration has decided to introduce a new immigration form starting June 1, 2019.

Visitors must complete the application for visa and entry.

Foreigners applying for visas on arrival at international gateways across Cambodia do not have to be required to attach a photo as before (?).

Foreigners traveling to Cambodia are required to fill in immigration forms for entry into Cambodia, and when leaving are not required to complete the application (?).

Cambodian citizens holding Cambodian passports do not have to fill out an application form on immigration documents.

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