Drunk in Tacoma Plows into Kep Roundabout

Kep: A man in a Tacoma, reported to have been drunk, hit three people sitting on a roundabout on June 20, 2019 at 8:30 PM.

The incident occurred at the Neang Kong Hing Roundabout in Chamkar Thmey Village, Pong Teuk Commune. The crash resulted in three minor injuries for men and women, according to people at the scene.

Many people were sitting on the roundabout, which is a popular hangout spot, when suddenly the car crashed into the middle.

Mr. Tav Sovann, district chief , said that the Tacoma plated Phnom Penh 2AW-67 02, was driven by 37-year-old Kev Raya, resident of Chamkar Chek Village, Pong Run, Damnakruang District, Kep.

The district chief said that the accident caused three minor injuries. 1. Sam Soun, 31 year old, 2. San Pich female, 15 year old and 3. a 6 year old girl. It was fortunate that people were not more seriously hurt.

The victims were sent to a local clinic in Kampot province.

The public have told the Kep Department of Public Affairs that the area is dangerous at night as there is very little lighting and motorists cannot see the roundabout easily.

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