Baking news! Cambodian Wins Best Aussie Pie Again

  • Australia’s best pie has been named after 12 hungry judges tasted 1,700 pastries
  • Caramelised pork and pepper pie by Country Cob Bakery won the coveted prize
  • The chef behind the winning recipe said the pie takes three hours to slow cook

With it’s slow-cooked caramelised pork and buttery crust, it’s no wonder this humble pastry has been crowned ‘Australia’s Best Pie 2019’. Country Cob Bakery in Victoria’s Kyneton has claimed the prestigious title after 12 hungry judges tasted 1,760 pies and pastries from across the country in three days.

Giving tradition a flavoursome twist, the pastry chef behind the winning recipe said the caramelised pork and pepper pie takes three hours to make.

Country Cob Bakery in Victoria’s Kyneton has claimed the prestigious title after spending three months creating a delicious caramelised pork and buttery pie.

‘We slow cook the pork for three hours in a special caramel sauce to get that tender flavours and rich flavours,’ head baker Ryan Khun told 9News. ‘Then we add peppers to give it more kick. It takes time, no rush, put a lot of care… a lot of love into production.’

Ryan, who runs the family bakery with his brother Chan, said they spent up to three months creating the tasty flavour, inspired by their Cambodian cuisines.

‘Actually this is one of our Cambodian favourites food back home, and we could see that not many bakeries in Australia (were) doing pork pie,’ Ryan told SBS.

The baker said the caramelised pork and pepper pies take up to three hours to slow cook.

The Country Cob Bakery has whipped up many award-winning pies, including the pork and pepper, curry scallop, satay seafood and curry beef pies.

His brother Chan said: ‘We thought this is going to be something interesting and very challenging to make it into a pie filling from our Cambodian food but with Australian taste. ‘So, we slightly adjusted the recipe and ingredients over the last three months to make it more delicious and so everyone will enjoy it.

‘Even the 12 judges at the competition said this is one of the best pork pies they’ve ever had. It’s rich in flavour, with tender pork and the aroma is amazing.’

The brothers – who moved to Australia from Cambodia in 2004 – took out the coveted prize two years in a row at the annual competition, held by the Baking Association of Australia. Last year, the bakery’s Satay Seafood Pie was announced as Australia’s Best Pie 2018.

Excited locals revealed tourists are travelling to Kyneton just to get their hands on the winning pies – but before the contest, no one knew about the Victorian town.

The Australia’s Best Pie and Pastie Competition is the only industry based and conducted at the Baking Trade Show in the southern hemisphere.

*Prize winning pies are also made in New Zealand by Cambodia piemaster Patrick Lam in Tauranga.
Patrick Lam

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