Man Burns House and Sits on Roof (Video Added)

PHNOM PENH: Phnom Penh police detained a man after he destroyed his own property and set fire to his house at 9 am on June 19 .2019 in the new building of Andoung III Village, Kouk Ror Commune, Preak Pnov District.

According to the source, the man argued with his wife (the couple have 3 children together), smashed up items in the house and then set fire to a mattress.

When the police arrived and put out the fire, the man locked himself up on the roof and refused to come down.

Then the man took a steel rope and threatened to hang himself. The scene continued for about three hours,until the Royal Gendarmerie specializing in negotiation skills (see video) went to talk to the now naked man. He then leapt from the roof was then detained.

The man had been released from a 2 year stretch i jail about eighnt months ago for similar violent offences, while his wife claimed that her husband had been using drugs for years.

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