Ministry Releases Rainy Season Forecast

Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology: This rainy season could see as many as 26 tropical storms.

Phnom Penh: The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology on June 17, 2019 issued a notification on the weather forecast for the 2019 rainy season.

According to the Ministry, the natural phenomenon of the rainy season, such as southwest monsoons and low pressures is already happening and increasing in power. According to the weather forecast for the wet season of 2019, the following conditions are as follows:

A. Rainfall

* From the beginning of the third week of June to mid July, the rain will continue to fall well within the normal amount. Low to moderate rainfall is expected.

* From early August to September, the rain will continue to fall in moderate to high levels, which may cause some provinces, especially in the lower and middle regions of the country, to face flooding.

* From early October till mid-November (late rainy season), rain will continue to fall at moderate levels.

B: Short drought:There may be a dry spell from late July to early August, but the challenges will not be severe because of previous rainfall

C: Storm Situation: In 2019, there may be 24-26 large storms. A large number of storms occurring in the Pacific will cross into the South China Sea and may affect Cambodia and the Mekong River Basin.

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